Free website traffic generator

Free website traffic generator. If you are a businessman, blogger, digital marketer, have a social media profile, have a website or webpage or a YouTube channel, probably your most important aim is to get high traffic to your site, channel or whatever it is. I must admit with all the traffic generator software; it has become pretty easy to drive traffic to your website. They claim to get real human beings to visit your site. Anyone can approach them. Even if you don’t have a lot of money at the moment, you can still go ahead as many are available at low rates, some have special premium offers, and some are free. Without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the most active traffic generators:


It is free for all to sign up. Anyone who signs up becomes the audience. As soon as you sign up, you send them a link that is sent to all the other members. It is good for two reasons. One – it has a free account. Second is although premium accounts are about $10 per month, they give you a bonus for referrals. Getting a user to sign up with your referral link can get you a free year of premium membership. So, it seems to be a profitable deal.


You can devote some time of the day to this traffic generator, and your website will, in turn, get the same number of views as you have given to other sites. It has a free sign up. All you need to begin is add your URLs and click a button. Leave the rest to Traffic-Ape. You can use it to increase free traffic to your website, improve search engine rankings, improve Alexa rankings, and gain followers.

One million clicks

This software drives a relatively large number of hits to your site for a brief time. Bear in mind; you are not going to get money through referrals. You might get money through per view ads. It is mainly used for testing. If you want to know whether the analytics is correctly reporting clicks, you can select some clicks using this software and trace them.

Website auto traffic generator

This is another tool which creates the said number of page views for your site and performs Search Engine Optimization. The pros of using this software are: it generates traffic for any number of pages you specify, from any place, there is no limit to the number of pages you can specify in a list, you can reduce the time interval between the views thus increasing the number of opinions.


It is a network for making email lists free of Google or SEO. You have to work hard and own a website. This software gives you a lot of tools such as heat map and Google Analytics integration which will help you succeed. This network is tried and liked by many; it has gained a lot of support from people. You can also get help from the staff.